Puja Banerjee declares pregnancy, expecting first kid with Kunal Verma

Current Age : 54 years, 5 months, 3 days

Would like to have a customary wedding after the baby arrives

The actress, who had an enlisted marriage with kunal verma not long ago, discusses pregnancy

Also, the explanation she quit her show

Actress Puja Banerjee is gleaming nowadays, she is good to go to invite her first kid with entertainer spouse kunal verma.puja lets us know, “yes kunal and I are excited about entering this new, beautiful phase in our lives.I am in a happy space now and have been enjoying my time. In fact, I have not stepped out of my apartment since April.”

Puja, who was assuming the lead job in Maa Vaishnodevi, quit the show in June, referring to individual reasons.

Talking about it, she says,” I would have continued working even during my pregnancy, but due to the pandemic, I felt that it was important to take precautions and stay at home. I plan to get back to work by next year and hopefully, the pandemic will be over by then.”

Puja and Kunal had a registered wedding earlier this year. the actress shares,” we have been in a relationship for almost a decade but he is a different man after marriage .he is very supportive and loving, and takes even more care of me now than when he was a boyfriend .”

The couple plans to have a traditional wedding after the baby arrives. puja says, “we had a lot of dreams for our wedding, and had planned everything to that. However the pandemic changed everything and even my mother who lived in Kolkata, could not attend our registered wedding. I am hoping to have a regular ceremony and do all rituals with Kunal after the baby arrives .hopefully, my mother will attend.”

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